Surveys show the typical senior housing sales counselor asks just two questions of a caller who makes inquiry to their community.

Here are a few more. Slow down and tour the prospect* before you ask them to tour your community.  The following questions are not listed in order.  Customize your approach.

  1. State your intentions up front: “I would like to ask you a few questions so I can better understand your situation and help you, even if you don’t choose our community as a place you would move.” (establish a partnership).
  2. “What is your (mom/dad/parents) name?” (People love to be called by name).
  3. “Please tell me about your mom. What does she like to do?”  (Focus on her wellness, not her illness, such as her interests, hobbies, exercise.
  4. “Do your parents know that we are having a conversation about their situation?”
  5. “I would like to help you sort out our (senior housing) ‘insider’ terminology. Would that be helpful to you?”
  6. Point them to an expert on your team who can best help them with their situation. “I would like to have you talk with ______, our nurse, she is our expert when it comes to understanding the situation you are in.”
  7. Find commonalities: neighborhood, vacation spots, restaurants, church, etc., e.g., “Where did your parents take you for vacations when you were young?” “My parents took me there, too!”
  8. When the time is right, invite them to come in and visit; not for “lunch and a tour”. Tell them you would like to get to know them better.  Or, offer to meet them at Starbucks or their home.

Above all, stay curious.


*Credit to David Smith and Alex Fisher at One-On-One/SherpaCRM.


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